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The Iron Mill is a small family run business setup by Joseph McCaughern specializing in unique handcrafted metal products for the home and garden.


Our main area of expertise is in creating bespoke storage solutions for clients homes and shops across the UK and Ireland.


All of our products are designed and handcrafted in the workshop which is situated outside Ballymena in the County Antrim hills.


Please feel free to get in contact if you are in need of a bespoke order or if you'd like to chat about one of our standard products.



Its all about being inspired! if you have an idea of how something should look try drawing it and if you cant draw then try making a model. Work to your strengths and dont be afraid to try new techniques. Be inspired


If you are a newpsaper or magazine editor and fancy writing a story on how I started my online business then feel free to get in touch via email or give me a call. If I can create an online presence and provide a unique online experience, others can too.


The violin sculptures I produce are a prime example of the attention to detail and effort that goes into my handmade products.

Joseph McCaughern

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